My book "The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education." from Jossey-Bass/Wiley, comes out in July.

If you have a copy, how are you using it or plan to use it--please post comments below.

How are you using it in:

1. K-12 schools?
  • In my school district, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland, I am beginning an online book discussion starting January 15th (mainly with school library media specialists, but not limited to them nor limited to people in our district, for that matter). We will do two chapters a month and end in June. I am hoping to developing a personal learning network with my colleagues to discuss the openers you describe in your book. We are using GoogleSites to collaborate with one another in an asynchronous environment and will try an occasional same-time conversation using Skype or Adobe Connect, etc. I'll be sure to let you know how the conversation develops!--Andrea Chrisman

Sounds cool Andrea. Thanks for using and reflecting on my book. Keep me posted on your progress.--Curt Bonk

2. Higher education?
The World Is Open is extraordinarily inspiring and informative. I've started using Wikispaces for ELT course of undergrad level class. Working good. Any suggestion?
(Meherun, Bangladesh)

I am planning on using The World Is Open with a doctoral seminar for Technology Leaders. The goal is to get future/current leaders beyond planning what computer to buy/ replace or how to pay for the new iPad and, instead, plan for the future and systemic change. (Diana Casey, Omaha, Nebraska)

As a graduate student in EdTech and Instructional Design, I'm planning to cite ideas from the book to help support my theses around Computer Based Collaborative Learning and Wikis. Eventually, I hope to publish shorter essay versions of the theses on my ePortfolio. Mr. Bonk's work also helped us decide to homeschool and we are pleased with our decision (listed under #4 below). Thank you- Kathi King, Oregon, USA

3. Corporate, government, military, and non-profit training?

4. Informal, nontraditional and alternative learning environments?

This important work helped us decide to homeschool and we are pleased with our decision. -Kathi, Oregon, USA